Friday, 10 February 2012

Florida Birding Update

It's been a great birding trip and I have much to update. I read over my post from Ding Darling and due to a case of EBTS or Extreme Birding Tiredness Syndrome, I left out a lot of nice details and from our time at Matlacha, Pine Island and Ding Darling, not to mention completely leaving out our walk around the Bailey Tract just outside Ding Darling where we saw a juvenile Great Blue Heron.

I shall continue this tomorrow evening when I have had a little time at home to relax and digest a trip that included over 90 species of birds, including an additional 62 birds for my year, bringing me to 184 in just 41 days of deciding to become a Birder


  1. The elusive one Robert:

  2. Glad you got your Barred Owl. The snail kite above was also a great find.