Monday, 3 September 2012

Sue Sees a Sora

I had to work, and as such did not get to go to Presqu'ile Provincial Park with Sue yesterday.  She went for the butterfly festival and perhaps a look at the Thick-billed Kingbird.  She got to watch the butterfly equivalent of bird banding, which involves catching butterflies in a net, sticking them in envelopes, putting them in the fridge overnight and then tagging them the next day, when their too loopy and cold to protest.   Sue got to release one into the wild.  Sounds like fun.  Me, I just got to watch the Blue Jays lose again.

Though she didn't see the Kingbird,(she didn't actively search for it either), the best part of her day was seeing a Sora out in the open, bathing in a puddle.   It stayed out long enough for her to get photos and videos.  Best of all, it was a Lifer!

Here's the e-mail she sent to make me jealous:

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