Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Getting back on the Kingbird Highway

I have been stuck, so to speak in Nashville Tennessee, at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  A city within a huge complex of buildings.  There aren't even house sparrows flying around, let alone Arizona rarities. It's been a productive few days, mostly interviewing intern candidates, but I am excited to be flying to Texas in the morning, spending two days birding there and then off to Arizona for the, hopefully easy to find, Nutting's Flycatcher.  I'll try for a few more birds there, but who knows what I'll get before heading back to Toronto early next week.  No predictions.  Just get back to birding and see what's out there.  Hope to be unstuck from 573 by the end of the day tomorrow.

Since I have no bird photos, here is a selection of shots from around the hotel.  I have been here for more than three days and have not been outdoors more than 10 seconds, to get a breath of fresh air.

The View from my Room:

The View of my room:

The lobby where I spent most of the past three days

Another view of the lobby where I spent much of the last three days

The fountains and the sushi bar beyond where I had a $40 Sushi dinner


  1. I noticed you haven't posted your data on eBird. If you had (or do) your total of 573 would put you in 5th place! 615 will put you in 1st place. Hope you escape the lobby VERY soon. Happy birding & good luck for the final push toward 600!

  2. Thanks I just checked today, and at 584 on e-bird I am 3 behind the 4th place guy. Still, including those doing Big Years and not posting on e-bird, I think I am in the top ten in North America. I would have been happy with top 20.