Friday, 30 November 2012

The Lost Birds

I have had to happily update my list.  I had left out a couple of birds.  Between all the travel and working full time it is bound to happen.  I was going through some pictures with Sue yesterday and she asked when I had seen the Common Myna.  I had seen Hill Mynas,(Non ABA), in Miami, but forgot the Common Myna I had seen further south, on my way to find the Fork-tailed Flycatcher.  It was dumpster diving in a McDonald's Parking lot.  Glad Sue caught the oversight.  Fact was, I was only in that parking lot for the free wireless internet.  Thank you, Ronald!

I also saw and chased, for the second time, a Lapland Longspur on Gull Island at Presqu'ile Provincial Park.  I had also forgotten to add that back when I saw it for the first time in early November. 

And finally, from the uncountable bird list, an Egyptian Goose and Mitred Parakeet I had photographed but forgotten about in Miami.

What does that do to my number?  572, baby!  Plus 4 Non ABA birds, including Common Peafowl, my total Life List, including non ABA birds is now 578, still a long way from Sue's 646, as she is happy to point out.

I doubt I will add one more bird here in Ontario before I head to Nashville on Sunday evening, though it would be nice to hit 573 here in Ontario.  There won't be any birding in Nashville as it is a work trip, but I am heading directly to San Antonio on December 6 for some Texas birding.  After that I shall play it by ear.  Probably go to New Brunswick, Northern Ontario and perhaps one more trip south if any good rarities, such as LaSagra's Flycatcher show up in Florida before the end of 2012.   

Just as this blog was going to press, or air or whatever it does when you hit "publish" word of a Nutting's Flycatcher in Arizona, possibly the same one from last year, has come out from NARBA.  I believe a side trip from Texas might be in order, if it is confirmed and stays a while, as it did last year.  I want that bird!

Common Myna in Molt

Non ABA Egyptian Goose

Non ABA Mitred Parakeet

Muscovy Duck - Some said to be countable in south Florida, where I saw this one.  My first sighting in Texas below Falcon Dam was my official sighting, but I failed to get a photo.

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