Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Birding at Home

That will be the continuing and repetitive refrain for the next few weeks.  I am in the midst of a stretch of days where I will be working 10-12 hours a day both at the ball park and my annual stint at the CNE, as I have done since I was in High School.

However, I will have plenty of chances to just go birding around the city, especially in the mornings.  Sue and I went out to James Gardens the other day, where we saw a baby Blue Jay, and sunning cormorants.  We are also getting plenty of birds at our feeders, including our first Red-breasted Nuthatch of the year.

I shall keep up with the blog, here and there until we set out for Cape May, NJ on September 6.  Here's hoping there will be a few interesting migrants coming through the city to add to my year list.

Until then, 488 and holding...

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