Tuesday, 28 August 2012

These are more birdies in my Neighbourhood

It has not been all work and no birding.  I've enjoyed a short morning or a quick evening at James Gardens, Colonel Sam and Humber Bay East, as they are all on my route to and from downtown Toronto each day of this looooooong stretch of work before the birding begins again in earnest just over a week from now.

Reports of great and rare birds seen on some of the early fall pelagic trips have been fantastic and have just whet my appetite and got me geared up for the trips to come.

Anyhoo, I could keep rambling or share some recent photos, and since time does not allow for rambling, I shall bid you a adieu and check in again after the OFO trip to Toronto Island this coming Saturday.  My hopes are high for a Connecticut Warbler.

What I would suspect the result of a Turkey head being grafted onto a Blue Jay body would look like:

The Odd Couple.  These relationships are becoming more mainstream in recent years:

These two, though, do not approve.

There is a dead tree near the entrance to James Gardens that has had different birds every morning; anything from flycatchers to hummingbirds, Goldfinches and yesterday a lovely hawk.

And the Red-necked Grebes are still about in Colonel Sam

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