Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy Thanksbirding

And on the menu for this Canadian Thanksgiving Monday, we had Peach Glazed Turkey, with homemade cranberry sauce, mashed Potatoes, corn and Pumpkin Pie for dessert.  However, it was the appetizer that really made today special, as Sue and I found a Winter Wren while out birding this afternoon, where I had found the Nelson's Sparrow the previous day.  I had hoped we could find one for Sue, but I was hoping we'd also find the Winter Wren the OFO group found in what they call Dundas Marsh or the Willows.

But prior to our walk down to Spencer Creek we parked near another Royal Botanical Gardens path that was kind of like going through a corn maze, without the maze or the corn.  I was half expecting to find a rotting corpse like so many people do in episodes of CSI or Bones.  However, we found lots of nice birds and an unusual duck family, as you will see below.

Later, while walking on a path on Cootes Road we found an American Mink and that was number 16 on my list of Rodent-y things for the year.  Never thought I'd even crack a Baker's Dozen in that category.

We had lunch at Hutch's Diner at Van Wagener's Beach, and then made our way back to Coote's Road and our search for the Nelson's Sparrow and ran into Barry, who I am sure is convinced I am stalking him, as he and another fellow I've run into a few times in Hamilton, who I shall call Joe, since I am not sure I ever got his name, were also searching for Nelson's Sparrows.  We didn't see one at the dried up pond, but on the way back to the car, Sue got a good look at the Lincoln's Sparrow I had seen on the way in and then, after hearing it a number of times, finally found the Winter Wren, number 537 for the year.  Having seen the Pacific Wren a couple of weeks ago in California, I have now seen all the North American Wrens there are to see, including the oddly named Wrentit, which, is not actually a Wren.  As I told Sue when as we drove home, "One less bird to obsess about the rest of the year."  Of course, she countered, "Oh, you will find others to obsess about."

And I suppose she is right.  And so, on Thanksgiving Monday, I should be thankful to Sue for putting up with a crazed "lister," for the past 9 months.  Only 84 days to go.  She might just survive my Big Year after-all.

American Mink

Nearly lost in the No Corn-No Maze Corn Maze

The Winter Wren!

The Odd Duck Family

Teeter-totter Herons

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