Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Yellow Rice and Rails...

... or is it Yellow Rails and Rice?  Not sure what colour the rice is, but the rails are a shade of yellow.  It's nearly midnight here and I just drove nearly 3 hours from New Orleans, so forgive me if I am not thinking straight.

I am here in Jennings, Louisiana for the Yellow Rails and Rice Festival, 2012.  I could never have predicted back in January that my travels would have taken me here to ride a farmer's rice harvester, with the expectation of flushing Yellow Rails and other timid birds, such as Sora, from the fields as the rice is harvested.  I also have a small list of other Louisiana specialties,(birds, not Cajan cooking), that I hope to find while here too.

With that said, I shall turn in for the night and awake with the excitement of seeing the Yellow Rails or the fear of falling off the combine and becoming a tragic story re-told someday in Reader's Digest, as the Big Year Birder who was harvested along with the rice.

Good night.

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