Thursday, 5 January 2012

2 Days, 3 New Birds

Now, I acknowledge I am not in the same league with the experienced birders, but then again, I have only been at it for 5 days now. So, 33 birds and 14 Life birds is, for me, an accomplishment. I am sure I have walked beneath, stepped on or totally missed many more birds that were right before my eyes, that any other birder would have easily seen, but I still have 361 days to to go and a lot to learn.

It was not too cold on Wednesday, but I stuck close to home and was able to see a Mourning Dove in the morning, (well when else? Maybe i will see my first Nighthawk at night. Are there dusk birds?). I had actually not seen one around my yard for several weeks, if not longer. Anyway, I did get a nice photo, as seen below.

Later in the afternoon, I saw my first Northern Mocking Bird. Sure, experienced birders will be mocking me for not ever having seen one of those, but, well, it was exciting for me.

Today was a great day to be out. Temps above freezing, so I went out to Ashbridges Bay, on the east end of Toronto's waterfront, in search of a Brant, a small goose, and an Iceland Gull. I got the gull, but the Brant proved elusive to even the experienced birders today. Perhaps I will swing by tomorrow when it is even warmer.

From Ashbridges Bay I went to the Waterfront Trail in Hamilton and enjoyed a wonderful, quiet and relaxing walk in the woods and down by the water where I found a melodious gaggle of Trumpeter Swans, who sounded very much like my highshool band tuning up their instruments before a concert. I saw no new birds, but did enjoy looking at many of the birds I had recently seen for the first time in the previous 5 days, and I was able to get some good photos, especially of the Trumpeter Swans.

All in all, a good day. And, again, Sue was there to help me with the identifications at the end of the day.

Meanwhile I am excited about my trip to San Francisco and my 3 days on the coast seeing western birds and getting a day of guided birding as well.

Some of the photos from the last two days:

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