Tuesday, 3 January 2012

It was so cold...

Not sure why a certain part of a witch's anatomy is used as a comparison for the depths of cold it was this morning, but suffice to say, if it were not for it being a big year and a rare sighting for these parts I would not have been so brave.

What I have discovered, though, is that the sighting of a rare or year bird is exciting enough to warm your blood and make you forget the freezing pain in your extremities. In this morning's case it was a Mountain Bluebird that was way out of its territory and probably feeling the cold as much as us hardy birders. Half a dozen of us stood with our scopes, binoculars and cameras waiting for the little gal to settle. I was able to get a nice shot, as seen below. I also grabbed a shot of Cedar Waxwings on that stop.

But I wasn't done yet. Back in the car and off to the Burlington Skyway to see the Snowy Owl. 20 minutes of scanning with scopes and binoculars in the bitter cold netted a glimpse of him across the Tollgates pond. No good photo, but a fun sighting that made me forget the cold and stay out a little longer. Another nice birder was kind enough to point out the Ruddy Ducks in the pond as well.

I was able to add Starlings to my Year list on the drive from Puslinch, where I saw the Bluebird, to Hamilton, where I caught the Snowy, and get a nice photo of an American Crow, to go along with yesterday's sighting.

I warmed up quickly, blasting the heat in the car, but I am thrilled to be at 30 birds for the year in 3 days. It do love the excitement of the chase!

Here are some photos: Crow, Mountain Bluebird and Cedar Waxwings.

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  1. Ah, your wonderful writing along with your passionate quest for a 'Big Year' makes this a blog to follow.
    Love the photo of the Cedar Waxwings...the branches, the birds, the subtle light...beautiful!