Tuesday, 10 January 2012

San Francisco: Day 3 + Heerman's Gull = 100

After the amazing Big Day on Sunday, you might think the final day would be a let down, but even though I didn't add many birds, I did reach the century mark early Monday morning when I spotted what turned out to be a Heerman's Gull. I was actually looking at a different bird, one that turned out to be a female Brewer's Blackbird,(girls are brownish), and almost missed the gull, as it was also brown, and sitting close by,(see photos below). I took a second look and noticed the larger size body and beak, and knew it wasn't any gull I had seen the past 2 days, and I had seen a lot of gulls.  So, when Sue figured out it was the Heerman's, I had reached 100 birds in 9 days.  Not bad for a a guy, who two weeks ago, would get impatient when Sue would stop to look at birds when we went for walks in the woods.

I am back in Toronto now and really enjoyed being on the west coast for a few days. I hadn't even been there to bird, originally. I have to admit that the trip was booked months before I decided to do a Big Year. I went to San Francisco to see The Mythbusters: Behind the Myths Tour at the Golden Gate Theatre. They put on a great show, and I was able to kill two birds with one... Never mind, bad pun.  But had I not had that trip planned, I doubt I would have even envisioned doing this.  Pretty cool how things work out sometimes.

So, air fare to San Francisco was just $130.00 - used air miles, ticket to Mythbusters Live, $80.00 and seeing 63 birds in 3 days, well that was, as the MasterCard folks say, "Priceless."


  1. The Gull on January 7 looks like a Western Gull,
    and not a California. It has a dark Black back
    and pink legs. I'm the guy at Waterfront that
    you met twice. 100 Lifers in 10 days. Outstanding.

    The King Eider at Port Weller is mixed in with
    Common Mergansers and The Snowy Owl is at the
    end of the pier.


  2. Fred,

    Thanks for your help. I was wondering about that. I had thought it was the Western Gull, but had been advised otherwise by a local. I have updated that blog page, giving credit where it is due.