Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Migrating to Point Pelee

Well a new Birding adventure has begun as we head to Point Pelee to take part in the annual pilgrimage to Point Pelee National Park. Thousands of birders from around the world make their way here every year for the Warblers and other migrating birds.

But first we stopped at the Blenheim Sewage Lagoons to see a Wilson's Pharlarope.   We walked the lagoons twice over without any luck but we did manage to see about 24 species in the surprisingly nice smelling sewage lagoons and I did add 3 new birds to my year along the way: Bay-breasted Warbler, Eastern Kingbird and Solitare Sandpiper.  I also added a number of birds to my Ontario list, including a Bobolink.

We then moved on to Hillman Marsh Conservation Area where we had hoped to see some American Avocets , but we were shut out.  We did see an additional 18 species, including a Least Sandpiper, American Kingfisher, Great Egret, and Great Blue Heron.

Tomorrow we head to Point Pelee National Park, the spring "Festival of Birds," and what we hope will be a Big Day of Birding.

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