Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Return of the Kings

It was a rainy day.  I hoped for a Canada Warbler or Olive-sided Flycatcher, but instead, while being pelted by a cold morning rain, I finally found the King Eider at Colonel Sam, and later in the morning as the sun came out, found a cute and playful pair of Eastern Kingbirds.  Neither new birds for the year, but both nice to watch, again.

I had come to Colonel Sam Park a couple of other times the last few days, and had yet to find the Eider.  This morning I ran into one of the guys I had seen the previous day and he had just seen the Eider and gave me directions to the bird.  He said there was no Warbler activity, and I hadn't seen much myself, so I headed west and to the little bay the duck was said to be swimming in.  As I walked I heard thunder.  It got darker and started to spit.  More thunder and it started to rain heavily.  I was soaked by the time I found the King Eider.  It was a second year male and I had wanted to see and photograph it, as I only had a photo of an adult female, I'd seen in LaSalle Marina earlier in the year.

That mission completed, I headed to West Dean Park in Etoicoke to see if there was any Warbler activity there.  I enjoyed my walk in West Dean Park, and though there were not a lot birds, and the ones that I did get close to seeing were scared off by off-leash dogs, at least the sun was out and I was able to dry off from my soaking at Colonel Sam.  I eventually came upon a pair of Eastern Kingbirds, that were frolicking and fly catching all around a sunny meadow and it was fun to just watch and enjoy the show.

So not a lot of time for Birding while I work this week, other than mornings, but I am making plans for my week in Alaska.  Tomorrow I am booking a 9 hour Pelagic off the coast of the Kenai Fjords National Park and then plan for a trip to Denali and perhaps another pelagic from Seward.

It's all very exciting.  And there is still Newfoundland and South Texas to look forward to, as well.

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