Friday, 16 November 2012


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, even two weeks later, my decision to drive into the heart of New York City was, to put it mildly, ill conceived and to state it more bluntly, awesomely stupid. And if you've been following me all year, you know two things about me:

Thing 1: I don't bandy about the word awesome lightly , if ever.

Thing 2: I have made my share if mistakes and tactical errors during my Big Year.

And at 8:28am on Friday morning I was still stuck smack dab in the middle of my biggest driving boo boo of the year. So no Barnacle Goose, let alone a Northern Lapwing this day I figured. I attempted to make a hasty retreat at the next exit and make my way to Delaware, and look for birds along the coast until It was times to board the boat tomorrow morning.

I had just heard, via 1010 WINS News out of New York, that it was a truck accident and not post Sandy traffic that has caused this delay. It's also the first day trucks are allowed into NY City.

Glad I had a full tank of gas.

Trouble was, there was no exit prior to the exit for the park I was driving to in Manhattan to get off at, and I was only six moves and it turned out about an hour away. But I did eventually get out of the Mother Of All Traffic Jams, and make my way to Inwood Hill Park and the Canada Geese.

In fact I found them all congregating in one area between the baseball fields and the pond, and could get close enough to examine each and every one for a white face, signifying a Barnacle Goose. I was close enough and they were tame enough that I could have taken DNA samples in case the Barnacle was in disguise as a Canada Goose.

But alas, this detour into Manhattan only resulted in a lovely morning walk, and great views, including the new, nearly completed Freedom Tower as I made my way out of Lower. manhattan.

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