Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ross's Goose

I got really nice looks at one this morning. I was returning from having my eye-cap replaced on my binoculars and my route back to Toronto passed through Oakville and Mississauga where a Purple Sandpiper and Ross's Goose had been reported.

Along with a good gaggle of other birders down by the lake in Oakville I was unable, once again, to find a reported Purple Sandpiper. Then again no one else found it today either.

I stopped in Mississauga's Lakefront Promenade to see if I could find and get a good photograph of the Ross's Goose, as I didn't get a good picture earlier in he year, as it had its head tucked. This time I did much better. The goose wasn't at its reported location at the baseball diamonds, but I did relocate it down by the lake, on the grass near the boardwalk, feeding with a large group of Canada Geese. I got great looks at the bird, from 15 feet away and nice photos.

I have just heard there is a Barrow's Golden-eye at Lakeside Park in Mississauga, so I shall be up and chasing early tomorrow morning.

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