Sunday, 24 June 2012

Texas IS for the Birds

I am too tired to type.  Really, Siri is doing the typing, I am only dictating.  So I am having to go back and repeat myself so this will be short and to the point.

I LOVE TEXAS!  The heat, the birds and the birders I was with today.  It was great.  But unlike Arizona, it wasn't a dry heat.  It was a sweaty, wet heat.  But who cares, I saw over 50 species on a too hot for the birds day and 19 of them were new for the year.  And for a change they weren't all life birds.  I had actually seen a Great Kiskadee years ago in Belize.

Of course, I was excited about hitting 400 and did that the night I arrived with a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher on the way to Estero.  399 was a Crested Caracara and 401 was a Common Nighthawk, which is a very common bird around here every evening.  I should have stayed out late tonight for the Lesser Nighthawk, which is seen even less.  Ah well.  I did stay out late enough to finish with a Green Kingfisher, but the birds of the day was were a female Rose-throated Becard and a Masked Duck.

But I am tired of telling Siri what to type and she is tired of listening to me blather on and I need to rest for a big day of birding tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I shall try to get into a hotel up near Falcon Dam a little earlier and perhaps be a little wordier, if not birdier.

More photos too.  Better ones.  Promise

Oh, and here is last night's and today's new year bird list.  A big improvement on yesterday's Airport list.

I have taken over from Siri in the typing department, by the way.

399  Crested Caracara
400  Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
401  Common Nighthawk
402  Rose-throated Becard
403 White-tipped Dove
404  Groove-billed Ani
405  Common Pauraque
406  Buff-bellied Hummingbird
407  Golden-fronted Woodpecker
408  Brown-crested Flycatcher
409  Great Kiskadee
410  Couch's Kingbird
411  Green Jay
412  Clay-colored Thrush (used to be Robin)
413  Long-billed Thrasher
414  Plain Chacahalaca
415  Bronzed Cowbird
416  Black-crested Titmouse
417  Olive Sparrow
418  Masked Duck
419  Least Grebe
420  Green Kingfisher

Good night all.
Good night, Siri.

Siri wants to type again...  Good for her.  I will let her finish.

Good nighthawk - ha ha

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