Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Where am I this Time?

I was leaving the airport heading to the shuttle for the rental car and I suddenly didn't know where I was.  I mean, I knew I was in an airport but it took me a minute to remember I was once again in Vancouver, British Columbia.   I had passed through here only a couple of weeks ago on my way to Alaska.

I have been so many places in so little time that I am having trouble keeping track sometimes.  I am here in Vancouver training a minor league video assistant for the Vancouver Canadians baseball team, but have time tomorrow before my flight to Roanoke WV to bird in and around Vancouver.  The weather looks to be great and I found a website that lists all the local hotspots with target birds in each area.

I will be out at the crack of dawn tomorrow and bird until I have to drop off the rental car.  With luck I will be able to add some Western species. The good thing is there is no real overlap with the birds I will be chasing in South Texas next week. I hope to get close to or hit 400 tomorrow and look forward to sharing the urban adventures tomorrow night.

For now, Play Ball:

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