Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Texas Update

Yesterday I added such birds as Clapper and King Rail, a White-tailed Hawk, Wilson's Plover, Fulvous Whistling Duck and the last swallow on my list, Cave.  Today I got the Muscovy Duck and and finally, after chasing it through three states on my Acme Dynamite Powered Roller Skates, an American Roadrunner.  To even things out, I missed out on Red-billed Pigeon.  It wasn't my fault.  I believe there was an Invasion of the Bird Snatchers.  I believe aliens knew I wanted this bird, and replaced each and every one with a White-winged Dove.  My evidence for this is as follows:

1: I spent an entire month in Florida searching for just one White-winged Dove for my year list, mistakenly believing they were a hard bird to get.
2: Since then I have been to Arizona and Nevada where White-winged Doves are ubiquitous. 
3: The Red-billed Pigeon was supposed to be an easy bird here in Texas.
4: The aliens don't want me to have easy birds, and thus I was treated to hundreds of White-winged Doves today.

Of course, how would that explain the fact that within 5 minutes of arriving at the river where the Muscovy Duck comes through, Muscovy Duck came and flew right in front of me?  

Never mind.  I'm going to bed.

Here is a continuation of the Texas List:

421 Cave Swallow
422 Fulvous Whistling Duck
423 Lesser Nighthawk
424 Gull-billed Tern
425 Cassin's Sparrow
426 Clapper Rail
427 Wilson's Plover
428 White-tailed Hawk
429 Northern Bobwhite
430 Altamira Oriole
431 Green Parakeet
432 Tropical Kingbird
433 Harris's Hawk
434 King Rail
435 Aplomado Falcon
436 Muscovy Duck
437 Ringed Kingfisher
438 Greater Roadrunner

Here are some photos, and I shall have a Texas Photo Day when I return to Toronto.

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