Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bird'n Las Vegas

And leaving Las Vegas with 452 species.

I had a late flight out of LV last night so I had a good chunk of the day to bird around urban Las Vegas and the mountains that skirt the city. Las Vegas is birdier than one might think. They go out of their way to provide natural areas for local birds and wildlife.

From the aptly named Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve to Mount Charleston I was able to see and hear over 35 species yesterday in temperatures ranging from close to 100F down to 67F at an elevation of 8000 feet.

I am limited to typing on my iPhone now so a longer edition will follow, but the new species I added include:

Yellow-headed blackbird
Abert's Towhee
Yellow-breasted Chat
Broad-tailed hummingbird
Western Tanager
Olive-sided Flycatcher

Working on the photos while I await yet another delayed flight.  Welcome to Big Year Birding :)

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