Monday, 30 July 2012

Driven to Bird Part II: On the Road again

Well, I was back in the car again last night driving 12.5 hours to St. Louis with a 3 hour snooze last night, arriving mid afternoon and going straight to the Clarence Canyon NWR with hopes that I might find the reported Buff-breasted Sandpiper. It was a place similar to where I hunted the Fork-tailed Flycatcher, but without the heat - there was the humidity - and instead of having to walk 4 miles, they allowed you to drive most of it.

Alas, I had limited time to search amongst all the Killdeer before I had to head to the airport for an evening fligh to Arizona, that I was once again shut out in my search for a targeted bird.

I will be back on Thursday and there are other places to find this migratory birds, so I am not giving up.

But first things first I have to get to Arizona and a day of birding with Melody Khel tomorrow and a day on my own on Wednesday.

Then I shall drive around the Midwest for 3 days and see what I shall see.

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