Sunday, 8 July 2012


Just a quick update from The Rock.

I did, finally make it to St John's, through rain and fog and dark of night.

We had only a little time to bird yesterday and a full day today, but it was at times so foggy a bird could have landed on my nose and I wouldn't have seen it. It was cold and raining all morning and became nice in the afternoon and then over the course of an hour the weather change a dozen times. Humid, warm and sunny, then suddenly gale force winds, dense fog and and a quick drop in temperature . Within minutes it would warm up, fog would clear and then we'd get a repeat performance.

Still I managed 31 species including:
July 7
La Manche Villiage
439. Pine Grosbeak
July 8
Renews-Bear Cove
440 Greater Shearwater
Million Dollar View - Ferryland
441. Atlantic Puffin
442 Black Guillemot

With more to come!
(I hope)

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